How do I create an event?

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Click on the "+" under Dates and select "Event" to create a new event.


Set the basic event details under "General".


  1. In the first field, add the title of the event.
  2. In the second field, add the title of the first slot (e.g. the name of the product).
  3. Select the moderator who will host the event.
  4. Under "Time", select the place and time for the event.

Under "Products", select the products that will be presented in this event.

  1. Either select an already existing product from your already created products.
  2. Or use the product importer to import a product of your choice. mceclip1.png

Under "Customers" you can set the maximum number of viewers and send invitations to customers who are saved in your backend.

You can set the chat under "Settings". You have the choice between 

  1. deactivate chat
  2. private chat with the moderator
  3. public chat

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