Where can I make the privacy settings?

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harmony offers you a number of individual adjustments in addition to the standardised data protection settings.   

For example, you can define the storage period for client data.

After the storage period has expired, all personal data and the related appointment details (e.g. recorded media) are completely deleted. The default storage period is 36 months. The deletion process is irrevocable. 

Please follow the steps below to set the storage period: 


In the backend, go to Privacy under Settings. There you can set the storage period in days, weeks, months or years.

In addition, you can store a URL to your own privacy policy. These must be accepted by the viewer before a live session.

Please follow the steps below to set your own privacy policy:

  • Go to Privacy in the backend under Settings.
  • Here you can now enter the link to your own privacy policy. 

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