How can I customise the design of the transmission window (live session)?

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The transmission window of the live session is the interface in which the live session is transmitted. To adapt the view of the live session to your CI/CD, you must select the Design in the Backend. Then you have to go to Template Design in the top line.


On the right side there is a column with information about the presenter and your company. This informs the viewer who they are currently communicating with. In the middle of the interface is the transmission window of the live session. 


You can create and edit a separate design for each category created under "Products". When you create a live stream, the system loads the design of the category in which the product is stored. 


Add your logo by uploading it. The logo is displayed at the top left during the live stream.


Add a new background image by uploading. This will be displayed to the client before the stream starts. As long as you do not upload your own background image, the default background image will be used. Under Colour you can change the background colour of the chat and the information overlay.


Change the font and colour of the event details and title.


Add links to be displayed either during the live stream or in forms you share.

Display advanced options

Link your own design in CSS format here. This function overwrites all changes made here (except logo and background).

In addition, you can place quick links on the interface. While the viewer is on the corresponding interface, he or she can click to go to a website you have stored. 

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